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Technologist and policy entrepreneur driven by a sense of purpose and a desire for progress.

Megan Brewster

Megan creates common-sense approaches for big ideas. She is at her best when deciphering complex problems into its salient parts, visualizing unique solutions, and then defining and executing the strategic actions we will take to move forward.

As a technologist and policy entrepreneur driven by a sense of purpose and a desire for progress, she has worked at the forefront of innovation over the last 15 years across industry, government, and academia. As VP of Advanced Technology and Impinj, she is working to deliver the Internet of Every Thing with RFID by bringing clarity and strategy to far-off points on our roadmap and growing our emergent market through technology and standards.

In the recent past, she co-created the future of mobility at Launch Forth by crowdsourcing transportation and logistics solutions, and then bringing these ideas to life through digital manufacturing (like large-scale additive). She has implemented innovation policy across the United States, where she was brought into the White House to help stand up a $3B program for advanced manufacturing technology and workforce development. Selected as part of an advanced technology “tiger team” at GE, she rapidly identified sources of battery performance degradation for GE’s first lean hardware startup. And she is a champion of diversity, most recently co-organizing a summit for diversity in STEM.

Because she values individual agency and resourcefulness, she likes to work by balancing her strong individual contribution with insights from diverse stakeholders to form a robust, collective, and actionable vision of the future. She works as seamlessly with top executives as with deep-diving technologists, and her growth mindset enables her to confidently master new skills as the opportunity arises.


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